Culture personality 1-1

Culture personality school.

Functionalists like malinowski and Radcliffe brown argued that history begins with writing and therefore studies of evolutionists and diffusionist is not historical. It is pseudo historical based on an return account. therefore emphasis should be on the present rather than the past studies. similarly Levi Strauss suggested we should study the structure of unconscious human mind through the study of language. But in 1920 students of Franz boas namely tooth Benedict Margaret mead Ralph Linton and Cora du Bois rejected theories of evolution, boring, diffusion, migration, function, social structure and other traditional approaches. according to them culture practices were nothing but the character or personality of members of that group. Focus on personality and individual.

Meaning of personality = Phy + Ment + social qualities -> manifest to others in life interactions.

Determinants of personality
3 approach

Edward sapir thought culture not as assembly of elements but as an organised pattern. 1934 essay. culture takes on characteristics of personality organisation. To understand patterns and symbolisms of culture anthropologist should study child development.

Methods. role playing. Interview. Elaborate biographies. Study of family role. Dream interpretation. Rorschach test. 

American anthropologists.

Ruth Benedict. 1887 to 1948. Patterns of culture 1934. Chrysanthemum and the sword 1946.

Conceptof culture pattern.

Impact of personality on culture

Margaret mead


Ralph Linton. 1893 to 1953.

Abraham kardiner. Published the individual and Society 1939. With Linton. Neo Freudian. 

Cora du Bois. The Leone of Alor 1944 - modal personality.