Culture vs Civilization 1-2

Culture versus civilization

Culture is complex whole of knowledge, belief, 8, morals, laws, customs and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society. EB Tyler 1871.

As per AW Green, culture become civilization if it possesses written language, Science, philosophy, specialised division of labour, and complex Technology and political system. LSDPTP.

Differences. McIver 1932.
  1. Civilization can be measured but not culture. Smartphone is better than landline but kathak can't be compared with salsa
  2. Civilization always advances - unless there is a catastrophe -  but not culture. Today's cars are better than 1970s but Kishore Kumar songs are still golden. 
  3. Civilization is passed on without effort but not culture. Typing can be taught easily e but not how to write novels or poems like Vande mataram.
  4. Civilization can be improved by anyone but not culture. Printing Technology can be improved by lesser minds but not works of Tagore and Shakespeare.
  5. Civilization is external and mechanical but culture is internal and organic. Civilization is what we have and culture is what we are. Sword is a weapon but it in culture it symbolises bravery.
  6. Civilization is borrowed without change but culture is not. Violin as an instrument came from the west but used in carnatic music.
  7. Civilization has artefacts like tools radio phones but culture has mentifacts like paintings literature.
  8. Civilization might change rapidly but culture is more stable. 

But both are interdependent and affect each other. Civilization is vehicle of culture - McIver.