Diffusionism 1

Diffusionism. Parallel to evolutionism. Continued till 1920s. Culture traits move from one area to the other by diffusion and migration. 

British school.

Austro German school
Criticism of German school also called as Vienna school of diffusion

American schools

Criticism of culture area scheme

Basic postulates of diffusionists. 
• Any cultural group will adopt a culture trait of other cultural group, only when it would
be meaningful and useful either economically or socially or both.
• In the course of diffusion, culture trait may not remain in original form, but changes can
take place in it due to different environments.
• Process of diffusion of culture traits always follow from a developed culture into an
underdeveloped culture.
• Process of diffusion may create culture change in groups adopting culture of other
groups. Sometimes borrowed culture traits get assimilated easily, but sometimes, they are
responsible for many changes.
• Lack of transport and communication facilities, ocean, river, mountain, desert etc.,
operates as obstacles in cultural diffusion.