Major subdivisions of anthropology 1-2

Major subdivisions of anthropology

Physical. Studies biological aspects of man, apes and evolution by studying fossils, genetics, blood group, anthropometric details. Today uses advanced technology of MT DNA, dermatoglyphics, DNA analysis to study humans. J Hawks, Jane Goodall. 

Archaeology. Studies artefacts of the past to understand their culture and human evolution. Shifted from just explaining towards understanding and reconstructing the past. Uses tool analysis, dating technique, palynology, spatial analysis to understand human and ecosystem relationship of past. Louis Leakey. DuBois.

Linguistic. Study of human language - phonetics, morphemes, syntax. Influenced by works of saussere and chomsky. Levi Strauss Edmund leach used linguistic analysis to study culture. Studies influence of culture on language and vice versa. 

Cultural anthropology. Ethnology. comparative study of human societies including primitive civilized and historic. Focus on kinship marriage religion family economy. Now expanding to social media technology and urbanization effect on humans society. Boaz, Ruth Benedict.