Power 1-2

Ogburn and Nimkoff have said that social control refers to the patterns of pressure which society exerts to maintain order and established rules”. Need - individual, social, unity, stability. How - +/- formal informal, direct indirect. Example.



Huntington. Three kinds of legitimacy. Ideological where was voluntarily recognised by people. Second is procedural where II formation and change of power is checked by citizen boat democracy light constitution legal procedure. Third is performance legitimacy China XI jinping people are satisfied with what ever. 

Weber creates three types of political legitimacy. Traditional. Charismatic. Legal rational. Legitimacy is a value where by something or someone is acknowledged and accepted as right and proper. 

ideology is belief or state of believes specially political belief on which people parties countries best their actions. in the view of erikson 2003 ideology is a set of beliefs about the proper order of society and how it can be achieved. Can be left ideology right ideology Centre radical conservative. 


Influence. Subtle indirect persuasion.