8. Participatory Rural Appraisal 1-2

Participatory Rural Appraisal:

The work of Robert Chambers has been extremely influential in this regard, in its attempts to counter excessively formalistic approaches to ‘data collection’ by development workers and professionals. 


Used in unnat bharat abhiyan. Used by US aid. 

The validity and potential value of indigenous knowledge.
PRA therefore involves training researchers to go to villages and spend time talkling to groups of people ‘in situ’, encouraging them to express local problems and potential solutions in their own terms. Care is taken to represent as many different sets of interests as possible, and the focus in on mutual learning between researcher and informant.

RRA case study - Used in MGNREGA budget and planning. 2/3 days in village. Social mapping. Resource mapping. Survey.

Rapid rural appraisal vs PRA

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Gurjeet singh. Jharkhand social audit. Head of social audit unit. MGNREGA mid day meal audit.