Caste and gender 1-2

Unequal relationship within family and Society. Same restrictions as shudra. Disabilities in education, religion, rituals, freedom of expression, Liberty, decision making. State of violence harassment exploitation. 

Andre betielle 1980. Sexual use and abuse of low csste women by men at higher caste. Purity of womwn at higher caste is a big concern. Pratiloma marriage. Honour killing for inter caste marriage. 

Caste endogamy and gotra exogamy to control labour and sexuality of women. 

Women mentruating more polluted. SC consider it untouchability. 

Women manual scavengers worse off. Clean dry laterines. 

Upper caste women withdrawn from work asap after economic rise. 

Link women and shudras. Menstrual restrictions. No sacred thread. 

More labour participation in lower caste.