Contemporary Anthropology studies 1-2

Contemporary Anthropology studies. Environment. Health participation. Village studies and social media S Venkat Raman. Rising studies in northeast. Regionalism naxalism urban study. Statistical tools and videography tribal ministry. Self ethnography and lack of analysis Srivastava 2012. Peter Berger 2013. Study on development. 

Environment. Health. Participation. Vishwajeet Pandiya Andaman Nicobar.

Village studies dr Alice. Simpson.

Rise of studies in northeast.

Studies have expanded from tribal areas and ethnography to genetic analysis. Communalism. Regionalism. Naxalism. Urban areas. Alpa shah book.

Modern techniques. Statistical analysis. Video graphy. Tribal ministry repository.

VK Srivastava 2012 point noted that we are getting involved and autoethnography. Research students returned to their own community or villages for study. Outside India is rare.  Modern ethnographic accounts are still not taught. Old ones are continued. Lack of analysis and only data collection and description continues.

Peter berger 2013. book. Moderm studies.

changing villages in India 2016
Jodhka Haryana villages