Denotified tribes 1-2

Denotified tribes
National Commission report. Idate.
Cultural diversity - unique gods, festivals, language , but globalisation modernisation influenced economy, Society and culture. Rana 2011.

Kolhati  Tamasha. rickshaw pullers. 
Faqeer begging. crockery stationary. Roadside.
Sapera. snake charmers. wildlife act. Poverty
Yerukala. Fortune tellers. Harassed.
Lohars. Iron smiths. Live on pavements.

Government schemes.Ambedkar pre matric and post matric scholarship. Nanaji Deshmukh hostel scheme for boys and girls.
Maharashtra loans. Scholarship. Vocational training. Haryana provides legal aid.
Case study.
Epw, 2017 study. facing chronic poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, health issues and harassment by police. Vijay Korra study. 14 tribes.  Yerukula, boya relli, kati etc. Miss treatment by teachers. Humiliated in school. Discrimination in mid day meal. Harassment by police. Called uncultured. Arrested unreasonably. 60% had no caste certificate. 80% didn't have toilets. 30% had no electricity. 50 to 60% illiterate.