FRA 2006 1-2

FRA 2006

Recognise historic injustice to the tribals 1878 1927  acts. And restore symbiotic relationship of forest and tribals by providing

Process. gram sabha approves claims and their screened and approved that sub division and district levels.

Performance. MoTA 2018. 90% of 4200000 claims have been disposed where 18 lacs individual claims and 70,000 community claim has been approved. Total tribals are 100 million tribals

But experts argue DTE 2018. Procedures are violated, numbers are inflated, rejections are arbitrary, many are unaware and yet to file claims.

Lacunae by xaxa and dte news

Recently Supreme Court ordered eviction of rejected claims. Government is amending forest act 1927 with more powers to the bureaucracy. Draft forest policy 2018 wants to commercialize forest and involve private sector in it. Political well is needed to balance tribal interest. 

Case study. G Sahu Indian express 2018