Five year plans 1-1

  1. General development and welfare focus
  2. Focus on understanding tribal culture psychological social and economic problems in tune with panchsheel policy. Created tribal development blocks. Elwin panel.
  3. Reduce disparities and economic empowerment. Shilu Ao study team argued for focus on land alienation, indebtedness and economic backwardness.
  4. ITDA & NAXAL. Improve standard of living. Combat political unrest and left wing extremism bus starting six pilot projects in Andhra Pradesh Bihar Odisha. Travel agency established for each project. Group of tribal blocks created an agency. But limited to to agricultural activities not holistic
  5. TSP. started tribal sub plan. Integrated tribal development agency. Specific budget mechanism. More accountability. Greater coverage of tribals and focus on infrastructure.
  6. MADA. Focus on family oriented economic activities rather than infrastructure. Modified area development approach created
  7. Increased funds and focus on education. Tribal marketing trifed. NSTFDC
  8. Bridge gap between scheduled Tribes and other. Emphasis on elimination of exploitation, land alienation, wages, minor forest produce.
  9. focus on literacy, school building, classrooms, vocational training, financial assistance, housing, electricity, drinking water and nutrition security.
  10. land alienation, poverty, indebtedness, displacement and eradication of deprivation
  11. Paradigm shift on governance. Better implementation of fifth schedule, tribal sub plan, panchayati Raj, forest rights act with tribal centric participative and tribal managed process.  
  12. Administration. Feeling vacancies. Travel participation. Sensitizing officers. Focus on denotified tribes. Monitoring mechanism

2 Panchsheel, 4 itda, 5 tsp, 7 finance trifed fdc, 9 edu, 10 land, 11 govnce