Forest and tribals 2

Forest and tribals 20 m

Tribals occupy 60% of forest cover and live in symbiosis with them. They have following linkages with forests

Sadly this simboysis was broken due to

Consequences. Mental trauma, malnutrition, bonded labour mankadia, poverty, revolts pathalgarhi, social breakdown.

Protective provisions

Solution by xaxa report

Tribal economy and forest based initiative. Recently, Jeevani drug was created by help of kani tribals and TGBRI. So, it's a good way to follow. 

Case study. The Hindu. 2019

Tribal scheme MSP for forest produce increased. Given on mahua flowers jamun Amla Arjun bark. Only 25% of 1200 crore released and only 250000000 actually used. Chhattisgarh only implemented properly.