Hindu mode of tribal absorption 1-2

Hindu mode of tribal absorption. Effect of Hinduism on tribals
B.K. Roy Burman, for example, classifies
tribes as those (1) indifferent to Hindu society, (2) negatively oriented,
(3) positively oriented and (4) incorporated into Hindu society.
L.P. Vidyarthi too classifies tribes as those living in (1) forests, (2)
rural areas, (3) semi-acculturated, (4) acculturated and (5) assimi-
lated (Roy Burman 1970; Vidyarthi and Rai 1977).

Effects. Security of livelihood. Discrimination and exploitation. Lower status of women. Caste evil of untouchability. Inferiority complex. Educated tribals asserting identity in Jharkhand. 

Today sanskritization is not observed. dominant caste want lower status de sanskritization the let's asserting their own identity TV channel scholars media and tribals want autonomy E and young educated tribals asserting their identity protecting themselves.