1. Tribal contribution to Vedic culture
  2. Colonial ethnography
  3. Demographic transition in India 
  4. Social implications of sex ratio
  5. Relevance of dominant caste
  6. Gender and caste
  7. Senescence studies
  8. Indigenous people UN convention
  9. Language territory and kinship in North East India
  10. Education and health in tribal women

  11. NCSC and ncst
  12. Reservation policy debate

  13. Frederick birth concept of ethnic boundaries
  14. Impact of Hinduism on tribal women
  15. Revivalist movements
  16. Linguistic states and national integration
  17. Peoples of India project
  18. Pure Neolithic vs pure paleolithic in India
  19. Sanskritization no more a major process of social change. TK ooman argues it is gone.
  20. Secularization
  21. Soan vs Madras
  22. Polyandry in India. Vidyarthi
  23. Forest amended act