Sarkar classification 1-2

Sarkar 1961

Based on cephalic index. India is prominently dolichocephalic.

6 elements
  1. Dolichocephalic
    • Australoid. Uralis. Paniyan. Widely distributed and mostly in lower castes. Short stature. Dark complexion. Dolichocephalic. Platyrrhine. Wavy hair. Pj
    • Indo Aryan. Tall. Light skin. Not so dark hair and eye colour. Higher cranial capacity than australoids. Robust physiq6. Balti of hind kush. 
      • Distributed across gangetic Valley and mixed with Indus Valley people. Also in Bihar Bengal Assam sporadically but in higher caste
    • Mundari speakers. Study short height people with robust body. Dolichocephalic. Brown skin. Thick straight black hair. Similar to mongoloid hair. Chota Nagpur plateau
  2. Mesocephals. 
    • Irano Scythian. entered from north west. During endurance Aryan migration. Mesocephalic. Medium stature. In Gujarat Mumbai Maharashtra Mysore Narmada and Son Valley.
  3. Brachycephaly
    • Far eastern. Came from Central Asia. Malayan element observed in Chittagong hill tracts. Short stature and tendency towards obesity and dark skin. Gobar.
    • Mongolian. At northeast borders. yellowish skin. Scanty facial and body hair. Epicanthic fold.

But race is a mythical concept proven by human genome project.