Social change 1-2

Green revolution. benefit large farmers. Small farmers faced problems. Disturb district Madhya Pradesh. Chilli commercial crop. Tenant doubt inequality increased migration increased. Rich farmers benefit. Monocropping. Punjab developed but 800 for casual labour increased. Irrigated land faced waterlogging. Depend on government. Vulnerable to crop failure. 10 1999 noted that green revolution promoted west and Southern India North East India. Inequality has created conflict and violence.

globalisation and villages. World Trade organisation. Producer companies. Contract farming. Pepsi and lays. Higher use of fertilizers and pesticides. Consumerism. Zomato Pizza increased olive and jalapenos cultivation. MNC like monsanto selling seeds pesticides fertilizers. Increasing cost. Farmer suicides. Death of agriculture. Government reduced spending. Private players exploit.people shifted to manufacturing but low paying jobs. Not formal jobs. Small scale industry. Exploitation in industry. Bad working conditions. Make in India startup India national rural livelihood mission MANREGA skill India mission focus on this.

Globalisation and Society. Television. Music clothing processed food coffee milk powder economic change cultural change thinking education system jobs.  Women empowerment. Neoliberal policies minimum government maximum governance private sector partnership. Liberalization reforms WTO joined United Nations. Consumerism. Biopiracy. 

Mass media. Hum log radio all India preserved culture based social issues encourage positive change. Post consumerism. Shared music knowledge agriculture dissemination. Political changes language enrichment. 

Types of social reforms. Reformist. Redemption. Revolutions.