Sufism and Islam done 1-2

Sufism and Islam done

Sufism is is a method to reach God and part of Islam where as Islam is is a religion. 

Maulvi and ulma look after the practices of Islam and guide the people. In sufism earlier like chishty e guide the people. There is teacher student relationship

Islam is practiced in mosque where prayers are done. Sufism has dargah as its prominent place where auliya resides and khanqah provides for the poor. 

Many practices of sufism like intoxication thought to be against Islam. 

Sufism has 4 stages of reaching fana. Namely : sharia tariqa haqiqa and marifa. 

Islam requrments 5 practices sahada - the creed, salat - prayer, sawm - fast, zakat - donation, hajj - pilgrimage. Sufism also follows them. 

Both believe in one allah. 

 Islam is followed by Quran Hadith Sharia law which is written and codified but Sufism also has its own text but it is guiding not rigid and uses allegorical language to explain. 

In short sufism provides joy in life and considered the soul of Islam.