Tribal health 1-2

Tribal health

As per wh0 health is a state of complete physical mental and social well being not just absence of disease.

Tribal health status. Nfhs 3 and 4 census 2011.

St vsAll India

Life expectancy 64 67
Infant mortality 44 and 40
Anaemia in women 60% and 53%
Child stunting 27% and 21%

Non ST
Tobacco use 72% and 56%
Tap water 11% and 28%
Immunisations 56% 72%

Observations by Ajay bang 2018 and zaza report 2014
Types of diseases



So we need anthropological approach to improve tribal health. 

Niehoff 1966. kalahandi case study. Small pox
Mgnrega ranchi jal mission