Tribal sub plan 1-2

TSP started in fifth plan after SC Dube report 1962. It is an area based funding approach which aims to. Check St exploitation and improve life at par with non ST.

Tsp areas.
Itda blocks with 50% ST
Mada pockets with 10000 or 50% ST
Clusters with 5000 of 50% 
pvtg areas

process. Identify areas and barriers and promoters of development. Assess resources issues and needs. Create administrative setup and sectoral programs..

Focus. health, education, sanitation, drinking water, immunization, agriculture support, marketing produce, skilling etc. 


Yet low literacy rate 60% 27% don't have access to safe drinking water malnutrition and high IMR 44.

Issues that need to be solved. R bias panel 2019 and CaG report.

So, money is there but better governance is needed. 

Case study. R Makwana 2017.