Australopithecine 2-2

Australopithecines. (4-1 mya) Ape of South. 

Features. Gracile. 3 to 4ft. 30 to 70 kg. Africanus.

Features. Robust. Robustus

•9 species. vary in robusticity & size. 
•Large premolars and molars. Small canines and small brain.
•Phylogenetic. Opinion divided on phylogeny by Donald Johanson and Timothy white two branches theory.  Alan Walker discovery led to 3 branch theory.
A. anamensis. Land Turkana. 

A. afarensis. Hadar. Laetoli.
A. or Kenyanthropus platyops

A. garhi. 2.5 mya = surprise

Au. africanus

Extinction of australopithecine