Erectus asia africa europe 2-2

Erectus asia africa europe

Homo erectus Asia. First 1890 Eugene. 

* earliest evidence is 5 skulls bones and tools in Georgia by Georgian paleontologist David L - Dmanisi. 650 cc brain size and large face. 1.8 mya. Asia. Compared to African homo erectus they had faces and jaw smaller and Browridge less developed. But very e similarities in other areas like mandible of ilret skull. Leg bones longer than arms.

* Kocabas village Turkey five hundred thousand years ago Fossil found. Massive brow ridge and sagittal keel. Signs of tuberculosis.

* Sanigiran Indonesia. 1000cc brain capacity with thick cranial bones and large brow ridges with slight sagittal keel similar to homo actors of Africa Asia and Europe. Large brain and small teeth. 

* therefore rapid spread from Africa to outside due to better intelligence reliable on on the material and social behaviour. Diverse diet.

* Gongwangling Fossil Shaanxi province. 1.2 million years ago. Well developed brow ridges and thick cranial bones with 800 CC capacity. Animal bones with butchery marks and stone artefact are found by RX Zhu. 

* Zhoukoudian. 1200cc.  1920 discovery 1940 excavation. 87 80000 years ago. 40 to 50 individuals. Stone tools and food remains. Franz Weidenreich.  

Homo erectus Africa. 1.8 and three hundred thousand.

    * Some australopithecines also around.

    * Nariokotome, Westside Lake turkana 80% Juvenile skeleton point 1.6 m y a. Turkana boy 1984

    * Short arms and long legs. Committed to terrestrial life with fully modern stride. Absence of sagittal crest. Smaller molars and thinner enamel reflecting soft diet. Some had robust bones while others had Gracile. 

    * Ilret footprints. Koobi fora footprints in Kenya. Just like modern human walking. Double arch, adducted big toe. long distance walking running and hunting very likely.

    * Other fossils from Olduvai Tanzania.

        * 1.2 mya. Daka place. Bodo 0.6 mya. very robust with thick cranial bones and large Browridge. 

        * Tim white sound linear marks on the left cheek with microscopic analysis it was caused by stone tools which means some ritual cannibalism. Ritual defleshing. OH 9 Fossil.