New archaeology 2-2

Processual archaeology or "the new archaeology"

led by Lewis Binford in the 1960's, this was a critique of the culture history method of "describing" a culture.  Binford argued that we should not identify cultures and place them in a chronological period alone, but we should "Explain" why that culture was manifested in that way.  To explain processes of culture change, we need to take a positivist approach.  this means we must be scientific, develop hypothesis that can be tested, gather data, and test them! this also involves


The post processualists were mainly a critique of the processulists claims of "objective" conclusions.

Processual archaeology has a method, the scientific approach to reach objective conclusions about cultural processes.

Post Processual archaeology really only critiqued that method.  the researchers from that camp have interpretive methods of their own, but they never actually countered the processual method with what they would call a better one. 

Culture change may be due to processes like climate change or ecology chagnge  this happened coz that happened  

Post processuralism says culure changes due to individual, their meaning, human nature. may’ve stumbled upon or change life due to competition or invent irrigation