Ongoing evolution 2-2

Mt DNA and y chromosome analysis shows migration of Americans from Asia around 15,000 years ago. Paleo Indians. They have clovis and Folsom culture. hunted megafauna. 

Positives of agriculture. Larger population. Surplus food. Long term storage.

negative point land degradation. Pollution. Contract and competition among populations. Laws of wild species. Decline in biodiversity. Health and quality of life implications.

impact of agriculture on human biology. Larsen 2016

* as compared to hunter-gatherers. Short skull. Small and grease oil mandible. Small teeth. Many malocclusions. Little tooth wear. 

* small and less robust bones. Less osteoarthritis. Bones with lower second moments of area.

* Higher infections. Higher dental caries. child growth and development reduced. Enamelled effects and iron deficiency increased. Reduced adult height.