Post Harappan 2

post Harappa done

2200 and 1800 BC. The pace of decline varied. mohenjo-daro and dholavira declined gradually but Kali bangan and banawali declined suddenly. Lahari 2000.

villa Aryan invasion. BB Lal refuted invasion theory.

recent study climate change. Sahani 1956 floods ended.

ratnagar 1981 argued decline in lapis lazuli trade with Mesopotamia declined Harappan civilization.

late Harappan phase. 5 zones : sind, ghaggar hakra Valley, East Punjab and Haryana, Ganga Yamuna doab, and Kutch and Saurashtra.

send had jhukar culture at jhukat, chaunhudaro and amri. graduate changes like decrease in frequency of cube equates, writing confined to pottery.

Punjab and ghaggara valley. decline in number of settlements.

Ganga Yamuna doab. settlement for smaller, houses made of wattle and daub, but agricultural base was diverse.

Kutch and Saurashtra region show increased settlements. 18 in mature and 120 in late phase.

eastward and South worshipped of settlements.

pottery is thicker and studying. many shapes of pottery ee like perforated jar and S shaped jar disappeared.

decline in cities, script, seal, specialised craft and long-distance trade but did not completely disappear. some urban sites like bet Dwarka in Gujarat and diamAbad in upper Godavari Valley urban. they also had contact with Persian gulf.

diversification of agriculture observed. wheat Barley rice millet sorghum, pulses, oats Jowar.