Macro vs micro evolution 2-2

microevolution macroevolution table

change in genetic frequency over period of time is called evolution. it is studied under two divisions.

microevolution macroevolution

studies small-scale day-to-day changes in species and studied under the head of population genetics.

studies large-scale morphological changes in in long time frame of discontinuous species. studied under paleontology.

studies living species versus Fossils

due to mutation genetic drift hybridization in breeding genetic recombination and chromosome number change. vs natural selection acts on these changes and favourable species and fittest survive over a long period creating morphological changes.

methods. blood group study, DNA analysis, phenotype study. vs analysis of fossils, paleobotany DNA comparison, dating methods used to decide age k ar dating.

evolution of microbes due to antibiotics is studied. vs evolution of humans from neanderthals and homo erectus.

NOTCH2NL and FOXP2 gene mutations are small changes in human DNA but they provide capacity for language thought symbols and greater brain size. over a  period of time these mutations accumulated in humans separating them from earlier species like home erectus and neanderthal.